Progressive metal power force Odd Dimension have revealed the details of their log-waited third album, ‘The Blue Dawn’, which will be released on March 26 on Scarlet Records. The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Mission N°773
    2 Landing on Axtradel
    3   The Invasion
    4   Escape to Blue Planet
    5   Solar Wind
    6   Life Creators
    7   The Blue Dawn
    8   Sands of Yazukia
    9   Flags of Victory
    10 The Supreme Being

Following the critically acclaimed ‘The Last Embrace To Humanity’ (2013), which left a permanent mark on the international progressive metal scene, ‘The Blue Dawn’ marks a turning point in Odd Dimension’s career: the band is more mature and expressive than ever, courtesy of the valuable contribution of the new members and some international special guests, including Derek Sherinian (of Dream Theater, Black Country Communion and Sons Of Apollo fame) and Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth). But is musically and conceptually that the band went through the most outstanding evolution, from the early philosophical-humanistic topics to a more practical and concrete orientation, which conceives music as a cure for their fears and a catalyst of desires. ‘The Blue Dawn’ is, infact, an intriguing existential Sci-Fi concept-album in the vein of Rush’s ‘2112’, which is beautifully portrayed by the cover artwork of none other than renowned artist Gustavo Sazes (Angra, DGM, Firewind, James LaBrie).

Heart and brain, passion and rationality… progressive and metal!