Extreme progressive metallers Adimiron are going to release their new album ‘Timelapse’ on Scarlet Records.

This new dark and sinister effort combines all the elements that made Adimiron’s sound so distinctive: rhythmic spasms and asymmetric textures embedded in a progressive and dramatic scenario. Focusing on the concept of synthesis, ‘timelapse’ reveals  fascinating and obscure musical landscapes, with no boundaries of any kind.

Adimiron is one of the most promising acts in the European metal scene. Their previous, acclaimed album ‘K2’, released in fall 2011, was very well received by fans and critics alike, and with their hard-touring approach, the band have constantly promoted their music throughout Europe, North America and Russia supporting dozens of bands and taking part to many festivals, for a total of 160 shows.

This is how singer Andrea Spinelli commented the event: “After such a long tour we had many things to say, and these dark 45 minutes of music sum up our true essence better than anything else. Enjoy your trip and prepare to be blown away!”


1. Collateral  (04:36)
2. State of Persistence  (04:35)
3. The Giant and The Cow (04:52)
4. Timelapse (05:53)
5. Liar’s Paradox (04:17)
6. The Burning of Methuselah (04:44)
7. Redemption (04:41)
8. The Furnace Creek (04:10)
9. Ayahuasca (04:33)

‘Timelapse’ will be available starting from November 4th, 2014.

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