Scarlet Records is going to reissue the first album by Anewrage ‘ANR’ on August 26th. Originally released in 2014, this new edition of the album will include two bonus tracks.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Ape’s Legacy
  2. Red Wet Lips
  3. The Backflip Irony
  4. Butterflies
  5. Nerveball
  6. Eyes Of Broken Man
  7. Rotten
  8. Veins Swell And Heart Beats Faster
  9. No More
  10. Stll-Don’t-Know
  11. Frozen Light
  12. My Land
  13. Nina
  14.  Red Wet Lips (Acoustic)

Formed in 2009 in Northern Italy, Anewrage cranks out an original mix of alternative metal, rock, post-grunge and incendiary live sets! So far they have shared the stage with international acts such as Gamma Ray, Freak Kitchen, UFO, Dreamshade and Destrage among others.
The band is also known for a very original visual approach, which allowed them to be awarded among the finalists at the SXSW Design Award in Austin (Texas), with heavy hittres such as Pacific Rim, The Lego Movie, The Last of Us and other great projects.
The band’s debut album ANR was produced by Matteo Magni (Rhyme, Audrey, Mellowtoy), at Magnitude studios and features the single ‘Ape’s Legacy’, whose video has been in heavy rotation on Rock TV (Italy) and A One (Ukraine).