Power metal heretics Apostolica, the hyped yet mysterious project featuring some of the finest musicians of the international heavy metal scene, have revealed the details of their debut album Haeretica Ecclesia’.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Sanctus Spiritus
  2. The Sword of Sorrow
  3. Come with Us
  4. Thanatos
  5. Pollution Is My Name
  6. No More Place in Hell
  7. Famine
  8. The Doom
  9. The Dusk is Coming
  10. Redemption

Apostolica have founded a new cult based on an intriguing and enigmatic image, a bombastic and pristine sound, catchy riffs and plenty of unforgettable hooks & choirs. With its fresh and invigorating songwriting, ‘Haeretica Ecclesia’ is the first chapter of the four masked prophets’ very own book of revelations: a prophecy in music where they – modern-day knights of the Apocalypse – declare war to the heavens and celebrate the human being despite weaknesses and defects. The world needs faith and hope, now more than ever; the heavy metal scene need faith and hope too: Apostolica is the heretic, powerful and anthemic antidote to the age of spiritual slavery.

Haeretica Ecclesia’ will see the light of the day on September, 17th, 2021 on Scarlet Records.

Join the church of heresy, bow to Apostolica!