Acclaimed Metal band Arthemis have released a video for ‘Black Sun’, the new single taken from their new album ‘Blood-Fury-Domination’.


Have you ever felt like a "Black Sun"? Have you ever asked for someone's help, silently screaming but nobody is listening? Do you ever feel alienated, like you don't belong to this society? Sometimes life is tough but there is always a light and it's shining bright deep inside us! "Save me from myself, light up the BLACK SUN!" – We wanna say thank you to the absolutely amazing Artist Sara Zamperlin who joined us on this trip into darkness with her astonishing paintings , making this video unique ! You rule! Thank you to our long time Metal brother Elia Turra @Fisheye Studio for making the magic once again, and last but not least thank you Annalisa Russo Photography for the great backstage shots and light…and the madness!! #teamblacksun rocks! Spread the BLACK SUN brothers and sisters! Crank it up and share this to the world! Keep the Arthemis Flame alive! We love you all! Arthemis Official Page

Pubblicato da Arthemis Official Page su Mercoledì 8 novembre 2017

Widely recognized as a ground-breaking live band, Arthemis’ career is marked by several amazing shows full of energy and true passion. The band performed at some of the biggest Metal festivals in the world (Download Festival, Hellfest Open Air, Wacken Open Air, Bloodstock Open Air, Gods Of Metal, Hard Rock Hell, Hammerfest and many more) and toured relentlessly since day one, eventually becoming the ultimate road-warriors. But they have also delivered 7 full-length killer studio albums (plus the astonishing ‘Live From Hell – Live In The UK’), proving that when it’s about time to forge a new studio release they always deliver power and glory and give all they got to give: blood, sweat, tears and fury.
Their new album ‘Blood-Fury-Domination’ is absolutely over the top! Massive production, uplifting songs, sing-along choruses and a true wall-of-sound that mixes the deepest roots of Metal with modern influences and hooks. Songs like ‘Undead’, ‘Black Sun’, ‘Into The Arena’, ‘Warcry’ and ‘Blood Red Sky’ prove them right and will resonate in your heads forever. This true piece of art absolutely means “no compromise”! Love it or leave it! It clearly screams “We are Arthemis and we’re gonna get you all”! Definitely one more album you must add to your collection if your life is driven by passion and true Metal! ‘Blood-Fury Domination’ has been mixed by Simone Mularoni (DGM).