Matthew Corry: VOCALS
Sam Browne: GUITARS
Brad Wosko: GUITARS
Callum Tuffen: DRUMS


UK’s Fellowship burst onto the power metal scene with their debut record, laying down catchy tunes, speeding guitar work and life-affirming lyricism.

Continuing in the magical tradition of Twilight Force, Rhapsody and Majestica, and bringing the genre’s emotional stakes to new heights, ‘The Saberlight Chronicles’ is equal parts high fantasy narrative concept-record and heartfelt collection of absolute bangers… at least that’s how they say it – they’re British, after all.

Taking on the subject of mental health at a time in our lives where we all need a pick-me-up, the album tells a mythical story of self-worth, self-discovery and the quest for courage, all through songs so catchy you’ll be singing along on the very first listen.

Metal has never felt so good!


2022 The Saberlight Chronicles