Jack L. Stroem: GUITARS
Alve Bjerde: BASS


Originally formed in the early 2010’s under a different name the two young brothers Vide & Alve Bjerde had a dream together to play in a Power Metal band.

In 2016 they were joined by solo artist Jack L. Stroem on Guitar and the core band was formed. Despite having trouble finding permanent members they dedicated themselves to take on the world with the very same dream the two brothers had years ago.. To deliver kickass power metal to the masses!

After three years of concerts under the name Vandor and with no music released, fans had to go to see Vandor live or rely on phone recordings from their concerts to hear Vandor’s music at all.

It wasn’t until 2019 the much longed for debut album “In the Land of Vandor” was released independently and it opened brand new doors for the band, culminating with Vandor opening for Sonata Arctica and playing in the UK, as well as many more gigs in their homeland of Sweden.

It was also during this year that Vandor released the fan favourite “Well of Salvation” which features Sabaton/Majestica guitarist Tommy Johansson with a mighty guitar solo.

They have by fans been described as a “Classic European Power Metal band”, something all members of Vandor rejoice over with Vide Bjerde chiming in “I’m ecstatic that people compare our music to my idols even though I personally don’t think we sound like Helloween or Sonata Arctica and other bands I would label as Classic EUPM.. But we do have that Northern European twist to our music for sure!”

Vandor are getting ready to release their sophomore album and are extremely excited to be working together with Scarlet Records..

Jack says: “It’s no secret that we have been working on an album this last year, and the end result is greater than I could ever have imagined. We have worked together relentlessly and I’m scared that we might have peaked as a band prematurely and won’t be able to top ourselves with future albums.. It is that great!”

With this Vandor announces the departure of Drummer/Harpist Lova Krysell as a full-time member although she will be featured on the upcoming releases together with Drummer and longtime friend Robin Risander who will reprise his drumming duties as he did on Vandor’s debut album.

Vandor are also pleased to announce that the trail-blazing Synthesizer leads will be provided by Johannes Frykholm of Palantír.

What happens next in the land of Vandor?

More news to follow very soon…


2021 On A Moonlit Night
2019 In The Land Of Vandor