Be The Wolf, the original band of songwriter Federico Mondelli (Frozen
Crown, Volturian), return three years after the latest ‘Empress’ with
the fourth album which, starting from the title, marks a sort of return
to the past for them: ‘Torino’.

Here is how the band commented: “When we started all this, to be the
wolf meant turning our hunger into music, and not following anybody
except our own style. Almost ten years later, while on the outside
everything is different and unrecognizable, nothing has changed inside
of us. Not even the permanent trace of the city where everything
started. Torino is not an ordinary city. It sticks to you and marks you
forever, leaving a black shade in your soul”.

The trio retraces their entire experience in an album that encompasses
the pop frenzy of the debut album, the torrid blues of the enigmatic
‘Rouge’ and the hard rock attitude of the third album, offering their
best release ever.  The tracklist is as follows:

01 Undefeated
02 April
03 Failures
04 Teenage Mutants
05 Stay Awake
06 Pretty Little Things
07 Cinnamon
08 Torino
09 Sorry Not Sorry
10 Dancing Rhinos

Produced once again by Andrea Fusini (also behind the soundboard for
Frozen Crown and Volturian), ‘Torino’ will be released on January 15th,
2021, on Scarlet Records.