Rip out the cables, tear out the cords, destroy your laptops, and smash your smartphones. Cellador returns with a vengeance, exploding onto the world circuits with its massively anticipated album ‘Off The Grid!’

Meticulously crafted at the helm of founding member, songwriter, and producer Chris Petersen, the long awaited follow up to the critically acclaimed ‘Enter Deception’ is finally here, setting the bar even higher and faster on its trademark brand of steroid injected, high intensity power metal music.
An allegory to the band’s free spirited nature, ‘Off The Grid’ musically conceptualizes a self-empowered approach to living, including tearing yourself free from the hive-mindedness of an increasingly collective thinking technological society, and paying tribute to the often neglected original personality and identity we retain within ourselves.

Spiked with a unique ferocity and infectious melody, this is an album not for the faint-hearted. Within its audible depths the band continues the high energy power and speed metal of its previous album, while adding more clarity, more focused vision, and a cohesiveness never before achieved in its songwriting until now.

Tracing its roots back to the early 2000’s, Cellador has continuously persisted as a near antithesis to the ever fickle American metal scene. With their brand of high speed power metal, soaring vocals, catchy songwriting and intense live show, the band continues to buckle the changing trends and stick out like a sore thumb. Upon the release of its critically acclaimed debut album ‘Enter Deception’, critics quickly hailed the band as the new “Kings of American Power Metal” with universally positive reviews across hundreds of news outlets, and seeing the band tour all over North America and Japan. Quickly the band transcended beyond normal barriers of the power metal genre and enjoys a near cult-like status to this day. The band’s unique ability to draw fans of all types far has led to many touring opportunities, including sharing the stage with the likes of Trivium, Helloween, Sonata Arctica, Queensryche, Gamma Ray, Bullet For My Valentine, Behemoth, Hatchet, Havok, Vale of Pnath, Protest The Hero, Moonspell, Amaranthe, and many others.

Return to present day where after several years of hype and enthusiasm, the next opus is ready to be unleashed worldwide. Signing with Scarlet Records in 2016, Cellador again takes the metal spotlight with its latest release.

Buckle up and hold tight, this bullet train of an album has no brakes!

‘Off The Grid’ was mixed and mastered by Peter Rutcho at Damage Studios (Havok, Revocation, Vomitron, Armory) in Southbridge, MA with artwork created by Colin Marks at Rain Song Design. The album will see the light of the day on March 10, 2017.