Progressive metallers Chronos Zero have revealed the details of their new album ‘Hollowlands (The Tears Path Chapter One)’, which will be available starting from January 22nd, 2016 on Scarlet Records.

Track listing as follows:

1. The Compression Of Time
2. Fracture
3. Shattered
4. On The Tears Path
5. Who Are You? (A Shape Of Nothingness)
6. Who Am I? (Overcame By Blackwater Rain)
7. Ruins Of The Memories Of Fear
8. Phalanx Of Madness
9. Oblivion Pt. 01: The Underworld
10. Oblivion Pt. 02: The Trial Of Maat
11. Oblivion Pt. 03: The Harp
12. The Fall Of The Balance
13. Near The Nightmare
14. From Chaos To Chaos

Chronos Zero have also released the song ‘The Compression Of Time’, which is available for streaming.