‘Voici l’Homme’ is the new album from Darktribe, coming five years after the critically-acclaimed ‘The Modern Age’. The long wait was all worth it: the French band now showcases an even more brilliant blend of power and progressive metal, taking inspiration from the most famous bands of the genre with a modern and very personal twist.

Blessed by an intriguing religious concept (inspired by the Christian Bible and, in particular, the New Testament ), this sonic journey brings the listener in a parallel world of powerful sounds and evocative images. Mixed and mastered by Damien Rainaud (Dragonforce, Fear Factory) at Mix Unlimited studios (Los Angeles), ‘Voici l’Homme’ is also graced by the amazing artwork courtesy of Giannis Nakos/Remedy Art Design (Evergrey).

Mature, intelligent and ambitious, Darktribe are definitely ready to leave an impressive mark on the current heavy metal scene!

The tracklist is as follows:

1) March for a Prophecy

2) Prism of Memory

3) Voici l’Homme

4) A Silent Curse

5) Faith and Vision

6) Back in Light

7) Under the Tree of Life

8) According to Darkness

9) The Hunger Theory

10) Symbolic Story

‘Voici l’Homme’ is going to be released on January 17th, 2020.