The world has to deal with an endless, terrifying dark moment. In these
hard times, Deathless Legacy surprise their fans with an unexpected
sonic and visual delight.

About a year after the release of ‘Saturnalia’, a 24 minutes-single
track concept-album about the mysteries of Ancient Rome, Deathless
Legacy announce the very special release of a double 7″ featuring Steve
Sylvester – leader, body and soul of the legendary horror metal masters
Death SS.

A really intriguing and much awaited collaboration finally sees the
light of the day – or rather the night. This how the band commented:

“Last summer we completed the recordings of two special singles
featuring our spiritual father, Steve Sylvester. We recorded our tracks
at Eden Studio with Alessio Lucatti and Simone Mularoni from Domination
Studio took care of the mixing. Steve recorded his parts at Freddy
Delirio’s FP Recording studios. And we can’t wait to share with all of
you, oh damned souls, the obscure result we gave birth to. We would like
to thank our daimon, for he inspired us to create something specifically
tailored for this work. You’re gonna witness the utmost spawn of evil…
Further details will be available soon”.