DEATHLESS LEGACY: “Legion of the Night” – New 7’’ featuring Steve Sylvester out on May 14th + Collector’s Edition

From the depth of the darkest abyss, Deathless Legacy reveal the artwork for their new 7’’ “Legion of the Night” featuring Steve Sylvester – leader, body, and soul of the legendary horror metal masters Death SS

The 7’’ vinyl will be out on May 14th. “Legion of the Night” is the Side A single, whilst “Your Blood is Mine” is the Side B one.

The blood-red clear vinyl will be available in an exclusive limited edition of only 300 copies.

100 of the 300 available copies will be in the “Become a Vampire Kit” Collector’s Edition.

You can put yourself on the list to buy the “Become a Vampire Kit” Collector’s Edition by clicking on this link (delivery available only in Italy): 

The digital singles and their videoclips will be released on different dates:

  • May 14th: Legion of the Night
  • June 18th: Your Blood is Mine

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