Italian occult metal monsters Deathless Legacy are going to release their new EP and short film ‘Saturnalia’ on March 13th, 2020.

The hellish forces summoned by the band gave birth to a unique concept album set in the Ancient Rome that follows the traces of Lucius, a Roman slave fleeing from the revenge of his master. The whispering of the goddess Laverna will lead him to a spiritual path of transformation and transfiguration, surrounded by fire. The mysterious cults of Ancient Rome are revealed in a unique 24 minutes-rock opera single track that covers many musical genres. From progressive rock to extreme metal, Deathless Legacy challenge again the borders of their musical experimentation. 

This is Deathless Legacy’s highest experimental peak, their most complete work. Together with the 24 minutes-rock opera suite that enlivens ‘Saturnalia”’, the band provides the listener with a unique experience – that of living the trial of Lucius through an expressionist black and white medium-length film inspired by 1920s German cinema sewn on their music. This hermetic work is full of shades and shadows that will make you discover the mysterious cults of Ancient Rome, explained by the band in the “extra” content featured on the DVD.  ‘Saturnalia’ was recorded by Alessio Lucatti at Eden Studios (Pisa, Italy) and mixed by Simone Mularoni at Domination Studio (Sam Marino). The medium-length film was directed by Deathless Legacy drummer, Frater Orion (Andrea Falaschi).