Deathless Legacy have released a video for ‘Wolfgirl’, the first single taken from the upcoming new album ‘The Gathering’, out on February 26th.

The video combines various influences such as Benicio del Toro’s ‘The Wolfman’ and ‘The Werewolf’ (1913), a short film directed by Henry MacRae and based on the short story ‘The Werewolves’ by Ruth Ann Baldwin. And if ‘The Werewolf’ was the first movie based on the half man/ half beast creature, ‘Wolfgirl’ is the first POV video based on the half woman-half beast creature.

‘The Gathering’ is an horror-infused album which creates creepy musical landscapes and atmospheres while exploring occult and esoteric themes. The album  was recorded at Eden Studio in Pisa, Italy and mixed & mastered at Domination Studio in San Marino by acclaimed producer Simone Mularoni (DGM).