Melodic power metal sensation Frozen Crown have revealed the details of their anticipated new album, the third chapter in their fast-rising career, which sees them as one of the most promising new acts in the European metal scene.

‘Winterbane’ is the title of the album, their third and by far the most obscure of their works.

The new chapter consolidates the classic Frozen Crown trademark sound and brings it to the next level, taking distance from symphonic elements and keyboards in favor of a straightforward, in-your-face approach, based on powerful and dynamic drums and thundering bass lines. Guitar work plays a key role again, this time richer and more intricate than ever, drawing catchy melodies along lead singer Giada Etro’s vocals.

The heaviest of Frozen Crown’s albums, with strong Classic Metal vibes adding to the usual power/melodeath combination, ‘Winterbane’ represents a proper group effort thanks to the flawless new three (yet to be revealedmembers intake.

The album features a special guest appearance by talented singer Federica Lanna (Volturian) and a cover of a classic Judas Priest song from the ‘Painkiller’ album.

The cover artwork, once again by songwriter Federico Mondelli, depicts the bloody, war permeated Frozen Crown world and, figuratively, the band facing its former self, gaining strength from the past and becoming a new and more powerful version of itself.

‘Winterbane’ brings out the darker, heavier and louder incarnation of Frozen Crown, more powerful and raw than ever. There will be blood… on the snow!

Tracklist is as follows:

1.   Far Beyond

2.   The Lone Stranger

3.   Embrace the Night

4.   Towards the Sun

5.   The Water Dancer

6.   Crown Eternal

7.   Angels in Disguise

8.   Night Crawler (Judas Priest cover)

9.   Tales of the Forest

10. Blood on the Snow

‘Winterbane’ will be released in the spring on Scarlet Records. More exciting news will be revealed soon.