Thrash Metal heroes Game Over are going to release their new album ‘Claiming Supremacy’ on November 17th on Scarlet Records.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Onward To Blackness
  2. Two Steps Into The Shadows
  3. Last Before The End
  4. My Private Nightmare
  5. Blessed Are The Heretics
  6. Eleven
  7. Broken Trails
  8. Shattered Souls
  9. Lysander
  10. Show Me What You Got
  11. Metal Thrashing Mad (Anthrax cover – Japanese bonus track)

Cover artwork was handled by acclaimed artist Mario E. Lopez (Evil Invaders, Impalers, Hyades).

Following the widely successful ‘Crimes Against Reality’ and the ‘Blessed Are The Heretics’ EP, which confirmed the band as one of the most promising metal acts in Europe and among the NWOTM best, ‘Claiming Supremacy’ is without any doubt the band’s most mature album so far. Inspired by the classic Bay Area thrash metal scene of the Eighties, Game Over mix those influences with modern sounds and a very distinctive personality. ‘Claiming Supremacy’ is the perfect combination of the band’s furious riffing, Hardcore attitude and Classic Metal influences, with very obscure lyrics and, of course, those anthemic choruses that fans recognize as a band trademark. Overall the album is heavier, faster and ruthless than ever. Lyrics vary from B-movie scenarios to social-political themes, science fiction, mythology and history. The album has been mixed and mastered by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust), who has previously worked with Midnight, SunnO))), Poison Idea, Integrity and many more. ‘Claiming Supremacy’, which will be released in Japan by Marquee, will also be available in a vinyl version limited to 500 copies.