Glasya has signed a multi-album deal with Scarlet Records.

The Portuguese Symphonic Metal band gathers several known musicians of the local metal scene: Eduarda Soeiro on vocals (Nightdream – the Portuguese Nightwish tribute), Davon Van Dave on keyboards & orchestrations (former Urban Tales & Shadowsphere), Bruno Prates on lead guitar (former Enchantya), António Durães on bass (Painted Black), Bruno Ramos on drums (former My Deception) and Hugo Esteves on rhythm guitar.

Glasya released the debut album ‘Heaven’s Demise’ in 2019 – which was acclaimed, nationally and internationally, as one of the best Symphonic Metal albums of that year and allowed them to share stages with Visions of Atlantis and Brainstorm among others.

On their upcoming new album, which will be announced soon, Glasya takes a step forward to a new level and creates a musical concept that they describe as Soundtrack Metal.

A new journey is going to begin and you’re invited to join it!