Power/Neoclassical Metal band Mastercastle have revealed the details of their new album ‘Wine Of Heaven’, which will be released on May 19th on Scarlet Records.

Track list is as follows:

  1. Drink Of Me
  2. Space Of Variations
  3. Wine Of Heaven
  4. Hot As Blood
  5. Shine On Me
  6. Black Three’s Heart
  7. Enlightenment
  8. Castle In The Sky
  9. Making Love

Founded in 2008 by guitarist Pier Gonella (Necrodeath) and vocalist Giorgia Gueglio, Mastercastle soon became one of the leading forces in the European Power/Neoclassical Metal scene, thanks to an addictive mix of strong riffs, virtuoso guitar solos and captivating female vocals, developed through each of their four, critically acclaimed albums.

‘Wine Of Heaven’ has been described by singer Giorgia Gueglio as “a journey through the aroma of the “Nectar of the Gods”, wandering among the meanderings of the mind, discovering the flavor of life, loneliness and passion”. Recorded at MusicArt studio, this new album is characterized by a very dark mood, very low tunings and the constant and innovative use of keyboards, produced by Gonella himself, giving to the songs an avantgarde edge and compelling sound.

Mastercastle’s line-up also includes bassist Steve Vawamas and drummer Alessio Spallarossa (Sadist).