Symphonic death metal band Nightland have released a video for the song ‘In Shadow And Light’, which anticipates the release of their new album, expected for fall 2021 on Scarlet Records.

Watch the video here:

This is how the band commented: “We thought this would be the perfect song to end the life cycle of ‘Umbra Astra Luna’. It’s groovy, with massive choirs and orchestrations, and the voice of Elektra Amber brings the track to another level! It’s been a tough job to turn a 18th century church into a real live set, but the final result is stunning and our trusted director Matteo Ermeti did all the rest!”

Nightland debuted on the scene in 2015 with their first full-length album ‘Obsession’ and made their first international appearance supporting Fleshgod Apocalypse during an intense European tour in 2017, reinforcing their position as one of the most promising acts of the new wave of melodic death metal. Another outstanding release followed in 2019, ‘Umbra Astra Luna’, which saw Nightland being recognized for their sophisticated and fresh approach to the genre, with a strong thematic/visual identity and astrology inspired lyrical content and symbolism.