Progressive metal power force Odd Dimension have released a video for the song ‘Landing On Axtradel’, taken from their new album, ‘The Blue Dawn’, available on Scarlet Records.

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/xW9KcjHePVc

“Landing On Axtradel – the opening song of the album just after the instrumental intro Mission n°773, tells how the story of the two travellers Marcus and Eloise begins with a flashback of a distant land in space and time.

Quoting the words spoken by The Guardian:

‘It all started on an isolated planet of Vega constellation called Axtradel where just two inhabitants lived sent there to start a new civilization. They were sent there by The Ruler to start agriculture and generate sons to work on that sterile land and let it produce fruits and to extract some water and energy to refill the spaceships.

Then the main character Marcus comes in with these words:

It was so far away

In a distant and cold land that could be astray

I was preparing to leave

And the ship was ready but I had something to share

All we have left behind

A new land is in our future, no matter of what kind

In the bold lands of Axtradel’

 Now it’s your turn to discover how the whole story develops!”

‘The Blue Dawn’ is an intriguing existential Sci-Fi concept-album in the vein of Rush’s ‘2112’, which is beautifully portrayed by the cover artwork of none other than renowned artist Gustavo Sazes (AngraDGMFirewindJames LaBrie).

Heart and brain, passion and rationality… progressive and metal!