Odd Dimension have released a video for the song ‘Life Creators’ – taken from their new album, ‘The Blue Dawn’.


This is how the band commented: “This song is at a key point of our concept album ‘The Blue Dawn’ and tells about the reflections of Marcus (Jan Manenti) on what will be the future of their race if they continue with their self-destructive tendencies, devastating their planet to extract resources to satisfy their thirst for power. As the two main characters Marcus and Eloise (Aileen) sing together in the central part of the song, their race is overwhelmed by this thirst for power and they can no longer control what is happening:

Lies!  We all lie ’cause we feel so alone

Create life to fill up this world that’s gone beyond our reality.”

‘The Blue Dawn’ is an intriguing existential Sci-Fi concept-album in the vein of Rush’s ‘2112’, which is beautifully portrayed by the cover artwork of none other than renowned artist Gustavo Sazes (Angra, DGM, Firewind, James LaBrie).