After the acclaimed ‘Symmetrical’ (2009) and ‘The Last Embrace to Humanity’ (2011) albums, Scarlet Records proudly welcomes back Odd Dimension for the release of their new opus ‘The Blue Dawn’.

This is how the band commented: “Ladies and gentlemen, we are finally back in the saddle, relying on the commitment of our longtime members  Gianmaria Saddi (guitars), Gigi Andreone (bass) and Gabriele Ciaccia (keyboards), who have been joined in the last two years by Gianbattista “Jan” Manenti (vocals, The UNITY) and Marco Lazzarini (drums, Secret Sphere and Archon Angel). The follow-up to our latest full-length ‘The Last Embrace to Humanity’ is a concept-album that perfectly captures the band’s trademark breadth of melodic, modern and progressive metal. We can’t wait to share all the details with you!”

‘The Blue Dawn’ is set to be released this spring. All the details will be revealed soon.