One Machine have released a lyric video for ‘New Motive Power’, the last single release from their critically acclaimed album ‘The Final Cull’, released September 18th, 2015 via Scarlet Records.

Says Steve Smyth: “We are very proud to release this excellent lyric video for New Motive Power, our last single release from The Final Cull, which we have been touring in support of since the release of the album! It’s a fan favorite, and we decided it must be seen as well as heard! Tommy Antonini did a great job capturing the essence of the song with plenty of underlying visuals to bring this beast to life!

Chris Hawkins states: “New Motive Power is a reflection on our insatiable thirst for progress and the reduction of people to mere cogs in a much larger machine. This psychotic obsession with being better, faster stronger is fueled by the sacrifice of human life, figuratively and literally, and is best represented in modern times with our ravenous consumption and production of technology. Ultimately, following this path blindly  leads to our destruction or self-engineered obsolescence. Leading the way, we have those who benefit from this the most, and have the most to lose from it’s failure. This song is written from the perspective of one of these authority figures, with a brief interjection from ‘The Workers’, but you can substitute the character with politicians, your boss, or perhaps the darker parts of your own pysche.”

Smyth continues: “New Motive Power was one of those songs on the album that was written in the studio, not just played live in the studio as all of the record was.
I had quite a bit of the song already written, but working with the guys in the studio, we were able to breathe even more life into this song by playing together, and make it even heavier than I could have imagined! We hope you’ll enjoy the visual ride along with the song as much as we do!”