German metallers Solar Fragment are going to release their new acoustic EP ‘From Our Hands’ on November 20th, 2015 on Scarlet Records. This new release, which will be available in digital format only, gives the fans a chance to listen to some new music from the band whilst they work on a full length album to be announced some time next year. This is how the band describes the release: “Imagine yourself being naked, locked-up in a bleak and cheerless chamber, having only one chance to accomplish your mission. Solar Fragment experienced a similar situation when they came to the Alphasound Studios with no electric guitars, no amps, no drum set. Luckily, they could leave their clothes on. The weapons of choice on that day: acoustic guitars and a wicked wooden crate for drumming. The challenge: to record three of the band’s favorite tracks in unplugged or rather naked versions – each in only one full take. The result: ‘From Our Hands’, as handmade as it could possibly be. Yet another unique contribution by the fiver from Dortmund, Germany, to the Power Metal spectrum. The natural sound of this slim unplugged production adds all new elements to songs you have already had spinning in your head years before, especially making room for Robert Leger’s extraordinary voice and the quality of the musical compositions. All three tracks in this release stem from Solar Fragment’s second album ‘In Our Hands’. Starting with the title track it becomes obvious that metal and decent behavior might be incompatible at some point. Then comes the music. Whereas the album version is furiously heavy from beginning to end, the reduction of instrumentation leads to an increased focus on the core of the song, that is rhythm and ear-catching, melodic vocal lines. For the second piece, ‘Come Hell or High Water’, the presence of acoustic guitars is nothing new. But taking out all distortion and high-velocity drumming, this song becomes the folky pirate shanty it was always meant to be. ‘Race the Seas’, being a semi-ballad on the album, unfolds its full atmospheric depth in this new recording. So while waiting for Solar Fragment’s next full length album, make yourself comfortable and let this authentic recording take you to a crackling fireplace in the deep of the night.”

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