Almost two decades after the release of cult albums such as ‘At The Gates Of Utopia’ and ‘The Gorgon Cult’, Scarlet Records proudly announces the return of Stormlord to the label’s roster. Known for their unique blend of extreme metal and warlike epic elements, the band is ready to burn old and new fans’ hearts with a record that was expected for over five years. Stormlord are currently busy putting the final touches to it between Time Collapse Recording Studios (with Riccardo Studer) and The Outer Sound Studios (with Giuseppe Orlando). The album will be mixed by Giuseppe Orlando and Riccardo Studer. Here are the first statements of frontman Cristiano Borchi and bassist Francesco Bucci:

“Those who follow us know that we don’t like to repeat ourselves, that each of our albums has a different color while maintaining the usual epic feel to it. I can anticipate that that this will be a more direct and in your face record. Get ready for the battle!” (Cristiano Borchi)

“We have merged modernity and tradition, solemn atmospheres and furious blastbeats, power and melody. The new record will bring back the cult we have always been devoted to: Extreme Epic Metal” (Francesco Bucci)