Extreme groove metal machine Sun Of The Suns have released an official video for the song ‘The Golden Cage’ – the first single taken from their debut album ‘TIIT’, which will be released on August 20 by Scarlet Records.

This is how the band commented: “We chose ‘The Golden Cage’ as the first single from ‘TIIT’ because it’s capable of showing the stylistic elements that distinguish us with more immediacy, ranging from a violent incipit, groovy parts and atmospheric moments that culminate in a claustrophobic ending. These elements blend with uncomfortable melodies in a fierce and technical songwriting that is emphasized by a bombastic sound.

‘The Golden Cage’ talks about obsession and the imperative need to destroy in order to restart and build a situation in which everything is controlled and perfect, whatever the consequences. But a cage, even if golden, remains a cage. The video is directed by Matteo Ermeti and shows a collective of four masked individuals venerating an unanimated monolith that represents mankind’s obsessions that are too often placed before real needs, so much that every personal universe revolves around them.”