Melodic metallers Temperance have signed a new deal with Scarlet Records for the release of their much anticipated third album, which will be available starting from September. The band have recently completed a European tour with Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody and opened for Within Temptation, Slipknot and Nightwish among others.

This is how drummer Giulio Capone commented: “We are really happy to have renewed our deal with Scarlet, the same label that released our debut album back in 2014 and supported us step by step through our second album ‘Limitless’ and beyond. With our new release we pushed our boundaries more than ever, experimenting in total freedom with the desire to completely step out of our comfort zone. And I can say we reached our goal!”

Guitarist Marco Pastorino added: “We are very proud of this new album, our sound is more complex and mature than ever, songs are longer in duration and stylistically challenging, with a wide range of influences that have never found space in our previous albums and that now fit perfectly into our scheme also thanks to the amazing production of the one and only Simone Mularoni. We can’t wait to share our new music with everybody out there!”

More album details, including the release date, full cover artwork, tracklist etc. will be revealed soon.