Theatres Des Vampires have released a video for their new single ‘Resurrection Mary’, taken from the band’s latest album ‘Candyland’, out now on Scarlet Records.

This is how singer Sonya Scarlet describes the video: “‘Resurrection Mary’ has been inspired by a real ghost. Since the 1930s, several men have reported picking up a young lady while driving in the Chicago area. She is dressed in a white party dress and dancing shoes. When the driver gets close to the Resurrection Cemetery, the young woman asks to be let out, whereupon she disappears into the cemetery. With this video we wanted to give our own interpretation of the Ressurrection Mary story.”

Theatres des Vampires is an Italian Gothic Metal band with strong symphonic influences, formed in 1994 and renowned for the predominant theme of vampirism in their lyrics. ‘Candyland’ has been inspired by a room of the infamous Pennhurst asylum in Pennsylvania, a room which was different from all the others, with colored walls and bars on the windows, described as hell on earth by the patients of the facility, where adults and children with severe mental problems have been hidden from the public eye for decades. ‘Candyland’ was the name of that room. Obsession and madness characterizes Theatres Des Vampires’ latest work, their sound is forceful and sensual at the same time, pervaded with those wistful and melancholic bursts which the band is renowned for.

‘Candyland’ features a very special guest appearance by Fernando Ribeiro of Moonspell.