Verikalpa has released a lyric-video for the song ‘Taisto‘ – first single taken from the third, new album ‘Tunturihauta’, set to be released on January 14th by Scarlet Records.Watch the video:“‘Taisto’ is a song about fighting against the odds and standing tall in the face of adversity. About surviving the worst of conditions and emerging victorious on the other side. We’re of course speaking about hangovers and drinking through them to party once more!”‘Tunturihauta’ is a work about battles, journeys through cold mountains, plains and forests – all the way to the warmth of bonfires and taverns, this time with a very cold and dark wintery twist.The content is more aggressive, wide-ranging and darker than ever: winter is coming and the dead rise to greet it and, damn, are they thirsty!