Power-folk metallers Vexillum are going to release their new album ‘When Good Men Go to War’ on April 23 on Scarlet Records.

With a solid line-up, renewed sound and strong image, Vexillum are proud to bring to light their fourth records enriched by the epic cover artwork by Andrea Butera and which will be anticipated by the visual video for the first single ‘When a Good Man Goes to War’.

This is how the band commented: “We put all our heart and soul into this album – a reflection of the strange times we are living in. With ‘When Good Men Go to War’ the caravan of traveling musicians that characterized the first two records take up again its path: after the tavern and the forest, now stories are told during a perilous journey in the sea with a darker atmosphere.

Overall, ‘WGMGTW’ is a record with more aggressive and powerful sounds – a crucial evolution in our style and aesthetic, obviously tinged with that folk atmosphere that has always distinguished the band.”

The tracklist is as follows:

1. Enlight the Bivouac

2. Sons of a Wolf

3. Voluntary Slaves Army

4. When a Good Man Goes to War

5. Last Bearer’s Song

6. The Deep Breath Before the Dive

7. Prodigal Son

8. Flaming Bagpipes

9. With My Hands

10. The Tale of the Three Hawks

11. Quel che volevo

Vexillum formed in 2004 in Pisa, Italy and released their first full-length album ‘The Wandering Notes’ in 2011, followed by ‘The Bivouac’ in 2012. The band was able to attract a large following since their inception and toured extensively with the likes of Rhapsody of Fire, Vision of Atlantis, Orden Ogan and Freedom Call to name a few.

In 2015 Vexillum released their most ambitious project until then, the metal opera ‘Unum’, that features some very special guests such as Hansi Kursch (Blind Guardian), Chris Bay (Freedom Call) and Mark Boals among others. The band promoted the album by touring with Eluveitie, Skálmöld and Freedom Call and shared European stages with DGM, Iron Savior, Finterforst and many more.