Chronos Zero released their debut album ‘A Prelude Into Emptiness’ in 2013, with very positive reaction from the press. The band is now back with a renovated line-up and a new album made of beautifully written melodies, top notch musicianship and classy arrangements, in the vein of Dream Theater, Symphony X, Adagio, Meshuggah and Nevermore, with ethnic influences and a cinematographic feeling surrounding the whole work. ‘Hollowlands (The Tears Path Chapter One)’, this is the confirmed title, was recorded, mixed and mastered by celebrated producer Simone Mularoni (DGM) at Domination Studios in San Marino, Italy, and features three notable guests: Simone Mularoni, Matt Marinelli (Borealis) and Jan Manenti (Love.Might.Kill.). The Artwork was handled by Enrico Zavatta Design & Multimedia.

‘Hollowlands’ will be available starting from January 22nd, 2016. Follow for the latest news.