Horror metal band Deathless Legacy are going to release their new album ‘Dance With Devils’ on January 27, 2017.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Dance With Devils
  2. Join The Sabbath
  3. Heresy
  4. Witches’ Brew
  5. Headless Horseman
  6. The Black Oak
  7. Lucifer
  8. Voivode
  9. Curse of the Waltz
  10. Devilborn
  11. Creatures Of The Night

You can stream the song ‘Headless Horseman’.

‘Dance With Devils’ gives voice to the witches who over the centuries have been mistreated, humiliated, even burned. With its eleven tracks, the album collects the most horrific stories of black magic rituals, stories that are lost in the mists of time, a Sabbath of pure horror and black emotions, dealing with ignorance, superstition, religion.